OSM Wall Panels℗

What if you could build a house as easy as when building with Lego? Yeah, well it’s not that far off with the help of our innovative OSM Wall Panel℗. Below you’ll find a more detailed description of our wall panels and how it works.

Modularised OSM Wall Panels℗ are the foundation for the building system and complies with New Zealand standard (NZS3604). NZ PATENT NUMBER: 766967.

Produced in a dry, controlled factory environment by local Frame & Truss plants nationwide and there are no requirements to invest in expensive machinery or a large single factory. The OSM Wall Panels℗ can be manufactured cost efficiently in production runs and be supplied as a standard stock item, instead of bespoke pre-nailed framing manufactured to suit only one house.

Installation of wall panels and construction on-site are carried out by licensed building practitioners (LBPs). Allowing the house to be weather proof within a week and achieving practical completion in only 3-4 months after concrete pour. Optimised designs enables the builder to work more efficiently with familiar installations and with less waste of material on-site.

Economy of scale and standardisation in combination with OSM Wall Panels℗ can reduce the construction cost with up to 20% compared to conventional build.

External walls from outside to inside:

  • Vertical Radiata Pine Weatherboard 18.5mm, H3.1, Primed and two top coats of acrylic paint
  • 20 mm cavity, Radiata Pine cavity battens 20 x 45mm, H3.2
  • 8mm OSB rigid Air Barrier
  • 45 x 140mm studs, 600mm ctrs
  • 140mm Earthwool (R-value 4.1)
  • Intello air barrier membrane to inside face of framing
  • 45 x 45mm service cavity, 600mm ctrs, fixed through Intello to main wall framing
  • 50mm Earthwool (R-value 1.4)
  • 10mm GIB lining
  • Total Insulation R-value 5.5